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I don’t do the standard guy-blog stuff like talk about expensive watches, designer clothes, or six weeks to a killer six pack. I try to talk about the things that I wish blogs would talk about more often: living a life with intention, making human connections, slowing down, being self-aware, and books. Oh yes, the magical power of books to nourish us, and even transform us.
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About Me

Wisdom of Man is about living a life that stands the test of time.


If you look around my house, classroom, and even my car, you’ll find books. You see, I dig into the great ideas of the past and sort through the noise of today so that you can find purpose, meaning, and happiness. You have a greater potential, and I want to help you find it.


How does that happen, you ask?


Well, let me first tell you how it doesn’t happen because I have been burned too many times by blog promises that turned out to be paper-thin and always ended with a sales pitch. Those posts never spoke to me, only my insecurities. You know what I’m talking about, post like:


  • Six Steps to a Shredded Six Pack
  • How to Write More in Less Time
  • Own the Room: How to Make Everyone Love You


There is wisdom that matters more.


There is a genius we all possess. I’m not talking about the Einstein-Mozart-DaVinici type with a transcendent brain. I’m going back to the ancient Roman understanding of genius when they thought it was something we all had; it was the guiding spirit that visited a person and helped them give birth to things, to create, to produce. These spirits were somewhere in between gods and humans and were thought to accompany each person through life as a protector, especially of their moral character. Your genius isn’t to passively go through life, it to dare to be extraordinary.


It’s time for you to discover how to breakthrough at work and succeed in life.


“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”

— Socrates




My name is Brian Sztabnik and I am an English teacher, basketball coach, family guy, and absolute lover of all that life has to offer. Oh, yeah, I’m a New Yorker, too.


I deliver ideas on how to lead a better life. I do it so that you can create, produce, and bring the best of you into being. There is wisdom that matters more than the empty promises that you’ll find all over the internet. You have a genius that is waiting to be unearthed and explored so that you can have a richer, more meaningful existence.


By day I use the great ideas of literature to help students form and understanding of who they are and what they can become. At night, I am the father to two boys and a husband. I love to write, do, and be… wherever I am.


If you look around, you’ll find my work on Edutopia, Teaching Channel, BuzzFeed, and other outlets. My podcast, Talks with Teachers, has frequently been a No. 1 K-12 show on iTunes. You can find all my top posts in one place, right here.


I have inspired hundreds of students to lead their best life possible, chase their dreams, and become maturing adults of character and wisdom. Now, you too can learn how to maximize your time and talents to live a life that stands the test of time and be a person of impact.