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I don’t do the standard guy-blog stuff like talk about expensive watches, designer clothes, or six weeks to a killer six pack. I try to talk about the things that I wish blogs would talk about more often: living a life with intention, making human connections, slowing down, being self-aware, and books. Oh yes, the magical power of books to nourish us, and even transform us.
Wisdom of Man, inspiration for men, how to be a better man
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I send out an email a few times a month with new articles, books I’m reading, and ideas that have staying power. It’s basically my way to give you some wisdom that can benefit your life without spamming the hell out of your inbox with the latest offer. I used to subscribe to blogs like that and I realized these fools were only trying to sell me shit. I was only a customer to them, not a person. I’ll keep in touch but I value my time and yours.

Put your email below and I’ll let you know when I have something really good to share. Deal?